Writing about Food

Good food, bad food.
Fast food, Slow Food.
An excess of food, a scarcity of food.
The history of food, the future of food….

This workshop starts with a smorgasbord of classic food
writing and newfangled forms. We’ll analyze everything
from restaurant reviews to food blogs, fiction to personal
essays. At the core of our reading: rich, piquant writing
that features food, glorious food.

During this weekend, you’ll write one food-centered piece
of your own. As usual with the Amsterdam Writing Workshops,
there will be no criticism issued in this class. Instead,
expect instruction, inspiration, and editorial advice.

All levels welcome.
Non-native English speakers welcome.


  1. “I enjoyed it being an overview of all kind of forms -from poetry to recipes and essays. “Writing about Food” also helped me discover that I can write about pretty much any subject, that it is the form which matters, and the technique.”

  2. “It was a very inspiring and affirming workshop: it reaffirmed for me the need for focus and structure in writing. Being in a room full of writers gave me more energy. It was such an international and talented group; the instructor’s skillful facilitation made the whole experience very energizing. And next time I make pasta I’m adding mint.”

  3. “I learnt of literary techniques that I'll be able to use myself but, and perhaps most importantly, I learnt how effective free-writing is and how useful prompts can be to give you new ideas, new angles…Really positive, inspiring environment. I came out thinking 'let's go!'”

  4. “Besides an abundance of new reference and inspirational material to get my teeth into, I learned about all the different forms that food can take in writing. I wasn’t looking to write a cookbook or a recipe blog and this class was not about either of those forms, but rather how food, in all its manifestations, can be used as a generator, a trigger, an impulse and literary tool—am now full of confidence and enthusiasm and eager to explore this further!”

  5. “I learned more about writing in general and especially Sunday afternoon, when we talked about each other’s pieces. I now realize there is a special vocabulary for feedback, and both a form and process that helps in giving better feedback… I was very impressed by all the pieces: the diversity of voices, the humor, the very personal recounting of experiences, etc…
    The workshop helped me to clarify things about form and process and how to put an idea on the page.”

  6. “Another workshop with The Amsterdam Writing Workshops where the instructor’s extensive preparatory work introduces us to the best examples of (food) writing techniques and her style welcomes us to engage and write...at the end of two days, our appetite for writing about food was whetted, and we had new tools in our literary kitchen drawer. The instructor managed to set a high benchmark without intimidating aspiring writers. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of food and writing.”

  7. “This workshop was eye-opening for me: it made me realize there's so much more possible than writing reviews and/or blogging when it comes to writing about food. Very happy for that realization…. being surrounded by writers felt intimidating and inspiring at the same time.”

  8. “The class helped me to understand that one can start by writing about even the most common things—even popcorn can be a good starting point for what one has to say.

    How did it feel to be in a room full of writers? I could feel the electricity in the air and it was inspirational to be in a room with so many other people that feel the same way as I do about writing—and food.”

  9. “At this workshop, it became clear how the writing comes alive when food is a vehicle for telling a story.
    Here, the writer is taught in a very hands-on, practical way. One feels free to open up—and ready to hear the work and opinions of others.”

  10. “I really enjoyed the “Writing about Food” weekend; it gave me a new perspective on food writing. I’d been thinking of writing personal stories that resolved in a recipe, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. The weekend gave me ideas and direction.

    The beautiful array of foods on the table was brilliant; it kept us nourished throughout the 4 hours that we spent at the workshop—and showcased the fact that food is something to be shared.”

  11. “Really interesting group--some attendees with whom I’ll stay in touch.

    Excellent facilitator: thoughtful in bringing food to the workshop as both a tool and as sustenance. The accompanying notes were and are a welcome “thud factor” of information.”


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