Writing for the Web: A Professional How-to

"Write short. Keep it simple." The standard directions make Web-writing sound easy.

But in practice, Web-writing can be complex. For example:
> How do we write short—and still capture meaning?
> How do we avoid generic-sounding text?
> Which writing techniques best fit the Web?

In Writing for the Web, we’ll learn to create quality Web content. We’ll work with corporate sites, personal Web pages, and blogs as examples.

The goal: increase your marketability as a Web-writer in one intensive weekend!

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"The workshop exceeded expectations--the information was excellent, the atmosphere both friendly and professional. The very participatory approach kept things lively."
- Shelley

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  1. "I enjoyed Lisa's style of teaching: upbeat, energetic and passionate. I left the workshop totally inspired to get back to my beloved blog. Thank YOU!"

  2. "The two half days of able tuition have stood me in good stead. It was definitely a case of the right input at the right time. I needed to address the issues involved in creating websites and doing so in a professional way, so learned a lot on that front. The writing exercises were non-threatening, to-the-point and useful. But most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching - very personal style and, more important, 'sticky'! Lots has stuck with me because it was relevant."


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