The Business of Copywriting

In this two-day workshop, we'll look exclusively at the commercial side-not the craft-of copywriting. It's all about raising the writer's commercial IQ, the ability to:

> find the "best" formats: ads, articles, speeches, websites....
> inspire trust in potential clients
> choose the payoff: money? Prestige? Creative freedom?
> sell copywriting services
> create airtight proposals
> manage time—a vital asset
> negotiate contracts-including price, scope, & deadline
> build a diversified writing portfolio.

The weekend will be hands-on: each participant will receive one-on-one coaching in the context of the group. We'll sidestep competition by leaving out client names and focusing on the principles of successful copywriting.

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  1. "Taking The Business of Copywriting course last year was a brilliant decision. The class was informative though informal, taught with an intuitive understanding of the medium and combined with fun role-plays and continual feedback. I left with a handy manual of insider tips: the principles of copywriting and how to apply them and find work. Highly recommended."


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