The Craft of Copywriting

Writing copy for clients can be a straightforward process:
> You’re asked to write something.
> You put words on the page.
> You receive money in exchange for your work.

But how do you:
> choose which words—literally— to use?
> finish assignments quickly and accurately?
> develop a voice that clients will approve?

In this workshop, you’ll learn a practical approach to writing
brochures, articles, websites, and more. You’ll leave knowing:
> how to write for different audiences.
> how to structure your work.
> how to generate creative copywriting ideas.
> how to research your projects.
> how to write credible text.
> how to edit your work into finished pieces.

"An excellent workshop full of really practical tips, loads of peer-sharing moments and bursting with inspiration."
- Lesley


  1. "I took the course because the name sounded intriguing. I came away with a lot of useful info, which I was immediately able to put into context and into practice...The hand-outs were really useful and serve as excellent reference material. I thought the course was well-thought-out and presented by a professional with practical experience. In particular, hearing how things work in practice was extremely useful, as was the info on dealing with clients. That made me feel a lot more confident about dealing with the people I work with."

  2. "I found it interesting because many different issues were covered--and the hand-outs were very extensive."

  3. “Very useful information across all fields of copywriting, with examples of how to do it and how not to do it. Learning by experience is always great...
    lots of techniques for making apparently dull subjects come alive.”

  4. “I was pleased with the level of challenge. The workshop not only exposed me to the theory of copywriting, but I was able to produce two pieces of work that I was very proud of.”

  5. “My expectations were met in a way that I could not even imagine. I was expecting more blah blah and less action…. I enjoyed the material, the mix of people in the class, and the way the instructor was dealing with everything and everyone.”

  6. “Thanks to this course I found out that I do have very good writing skills.”

  7. “The most important thing I learned is to be less apprehensive and just write.”


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